Understanding Leases and Licences


Stevens Close and Herbert Close flats are only let under a Lease. 

This type of contract is open to groups of 3 or 4 students.  The standard flat Leases run from the Friday before 0th week of Michaelmas Term for approx. 40 weeks. Flexibility in arrival time is possible, subject to availability, and with the prior consent of the Accommodation Services Manager.​ The Leases are fixed term contracts and means that all occupants of the flat are jointly and severally liable.  All rooms in the flat must be filled by students to be eligible to apply for a flat e.g. three students cannot apply for a four bed flat.

To download a sample Lease please click here.


Rooms in College, Ship Street Houses and in the Ship Street Centre are only let under a Licence to Occupy.

The Undergraduate Licence contract allows the rental of a room for term time only (approx. 8 weeks each term) and does not include any vacation periods.  If you wish to occupy the accommodation outside of these periods this must be applied for and agreed, in advance, with the Accommodation Services Manager. This may involve moving to a temporary room for the vacation period and is subject to availability.

Certain flats at 121 Woodstock Road are let out to Graduates under an individual room Licence which will include the Christmas and Easter vacation periods.

To download a sample of a term time only Licence please click here.

To download a sample of a Licence that includes the Christmas and Easter vacations please click here.