Book Grant

This form is for the use of undergraduates and graduates (NB undergraduates on their year abroad are eligible to apply and graduates within fee liability or in the final year of a recognised 1 year plus 3 year or 2 year plus 2 year course are eligible). It should be completed and signed by the applicant and counter-signed by his/her Tutor or Supervisor. It should then be sent, together with receipted bills (or other evidence of purchase), to the College Accountant (and not to the Academic Office). The grant to each applicant will be 75% of the cost of the books, photocopying/printing of articles and/or purchase of equipment, or £180, whichever is the smaller. The minimum claim permitted is for expenditure of at least £25. If the accepted claims exceed the total of £12,500 the grants will be reduced proportionally. Books, photocopies, or equipment included in the application must have been paid for at the personal expense of the applicant between the last day of Trinity Full Term 2021 and the last day of Trinity Full Term 2022, except that in the case of applicants in their first year the period may be extended backwards to include purchases made on the advice of their College Tutors before coming into residence. Deadline - Applications must be received not later than noon on the last day of Trinity Full Term Saturday 18 June 2022.

For undergraduates only: owing to Covid-19 disruption, the Book Grant for undergraduates has been increased to 75% of the cost of books etc or £250, whichever is the smaller.

The Governing Body has agreed that the following items of academic support may be purchased in addition to, or in lieu of, the purchase of books:

  • Academic software
  • Calculators
  • Laboratory coat
  • Dissection equipment
  • Geological hammer
  • Compass/clinometer
  • Handlens
  • Molecular models
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Stethoscope
  • Torches
  • Recommended DVDs/videos for the Film Studies option in English
  • PDF files of Music dissertations via the UMI Scheme

Book grant form 21-22