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Welcome to Jesus College

The University of Oxford operates a devolved IT structure, with provision of facilities split between Colleges, Departments, Computing Services (OUCS) and other units. Access to the full range of faculties you are entitled to through membership of Jesus is primarily through two different accounts, with a third account for accessing the university remotely:

1. COLLEGE account For registering your computer on the College network, using the College IT Room and printers, signing for meals, checking your battels bill, changing your emergency contact details, browsing restricted areas of the intranet.

To log into the computers in the College IT Room, you must enter your username e.g. jbloggs and make sure you select JESUSIT in the “log on to” box.


2. UNIVERSITY single sign on (SSO) For accessing your University email account (Nexus) and registering for other University facilities including anti-virus, backup, and remote access.

This account must be activated here: using an activation code in a letter from OUCS which should have been sent separately. If you have completed the OSS self registration process, then this account is already activated.


3. UNIVERSITY Remote Access account For access to the university OWL and eduroam wireless networks, and connecting into University network when you are away from Oxford via VPN.

Register for remote access at: using your SSO account.

Services offered by other parts of the University (e.g. your department, libraries) may require a different account. Please ask them!


Getting Started

Connecting your computer to the wired network (College-owned accommodation and the College Library) 

1. Ensure that your computer is set to receive updates automatically (e.g. Windows Update (Windows), Software Updates (Mac OS X)) 

2. Ensure that you have anti-virus software installed, and that you have a subscription to receive updates. Many computers come with trial AV software which expires after a couple of months and is then useless. 

3. Ensure that your firewall is enabled

4. Connect to a socket with an Ethernet Cable (available from the Lodge for free) and open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). You should be redirected to our Registration Server. Register as a Member using your COLLEGE account by following the on screen instructions. 

5. If you have problems, it may help to temporarily disable your wireless. If your computer was previously set up manually to use a different network, these settings may need to be removed. 

6. If you use Skype you must follow


Free antivirus software (Sophos)

If you do not have your own AV software, you can use Sophos. Please note that you will need to re-install Sophos once a year (in November) to continue receiving updates. 

1. (If not already done) Activate your SSO account

2. Download Sophos from

3. Uninstall any existing AV software, run the Sophos installer.


University E-mail 

1. (If not already done) Activate your SSO account

2. Log onto e-mail at using SSO account. Your colleagues and friends will contact you at your University e-mail address.



WiFi access is available in most common areas of the college (JCR/MCR/Library/Periodicals Room etc). 

2. Connect to JESU-WLAN

3. The password is “welovewireless

4. Please do not give this password to non-students as they should be connecting to JC-GUEST instead.


Other Services

IT Services provide a backup service a repair service an online shop and much more.


Illegal file sharing 

We get several cease-and-desist notices from copyright holders every year. An administrative charge of £60 per incident will be passed on to you if you violate copyright law. As well as any disciplinary action that The Dean sees fit.


More Information and Help

College IT web:  email: office: Staircase 5 rooms 7 and 8.

University IT web: email:

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