Mac PC Registration


Registring a Mac PC on the college network


The college requires that all computers connected to the college network are kept up-to-date with both operating system security patches and an anti-virus  product to help protect all network users. To ensure this policy is adhered an additional check is made during the registration process described below.


To begin registration connect your PC to the college network either via an ethernet cable or by connecting to the JESU-WLAN wireless network (the passphrase for this network was included in your Account Details letter)

Open a web browser and the following page should be displayed, if it isn’t try searching the web and it will appear.

If you agree to abide by the Acceptable Usage Policy click on ‘Agree’

Click on ‘Start’ to start the Member registration process

Enter your University SSO credentials and click on ‘Login’ then click 'Continue to Shibboleth' on the next screen. This will download a small executable file that will perform security checks on your PC to ensure all Windows security patches have been installed and that there is an up-to-date anti-virus product running.

Click on 'Continue'

Run the FortiNAC Dissovable dmg file. If it doesn't appear at the foot of the browser as shown run it from the Downloads folder.

Run the FortiNAC Dissovable Agent

Click on 'Open' to run the agent


Enter '' when prompted for the Server Configuration

Click on 'Register' to start the checks

If either the Mac operating system or anti virus are both out-of-date the following screen will be displayed. In the example below the operating system is out-of-date.Your Mac has access to the Internet at this point but will only have access to certain pre-defined websites that provide updates for Windows, Apple Macs and all major anti-virus providers

Once the necessary updates have been installed the following screens are doisplayed

The registration process is now complete and you will have full access to the Iternet and all college services.

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