Printing in the College

Jesus College provides three laser printers for use by Junior Members. They can be accessed from the workstations in the IT room, or from your own computer via the college network. Printing is charged at 4p per side of black-and white and 9p per side of colour output by the printer, termly balances will be added to your Battels bill.


IT Room Printers:

There are two multifunction printers in the IT Room ITLAB_MX5070 capable of black-and-white/colour photocopying, scanning and printing. Scanning of documents is free and the scanned documents can be saved on the file server in the Scanned Documents shared directory, direct to an email address or to an USB memory stick. In addition PDF and TIFF files can be printed from USB memory sticks. 

Library Printer: (Lower Library) 

Called LIBRARY_MX2630, this is a black-and-white/colour multifunction photocopier, scanner, printer .

OnDemand & Everyone Print:

The OnDemand Print queue will hold your print jobs for 5 days. To retrieve the prints go to either the IT Room printer (basement of SC XV) or the Library printer (outside the Librarian’s office SC XVII). Log into either printer using your Salto fob. Follow the menu prompts to select all queued print jobs or individual jobs. Any prints not retrieved within 5 days will be automatically deleted from the print queue. 
If you wish to print to the college printers from your own computer then please follow the instructions for Windows or Mac OS X.

Alternatively, with Everyone Print you can use a browser based option to print certain documents. Just set your browser to go to and follow the instructions.

Personal Printers

College members are welcome to bring their own private printers for use in college. This can be of particular benefit if you live out of college, at busy times in the year (eg. 8th week), or if you have special printing requirements.

College IT staff may be able to offer basic advice and support for your printer, but if you are dependent on it then you may wish to consider the OUCS Maintenance Service ( which offers an 8-hour engineer visit and 8-hour repair/replacement service.

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