Printing to College Printers from Windows

Please note that you will only be able to print to Jesus College printers when you are connected to the Jesus College network. For security reasons we restrict print services to the local network.


Basic Configuration

  1. Go to the start menu in the bottom left. Click "Run" (you can do a search for "run" or look in accessories for "run") and type \\prints2\ in the box that appears. Click OK.
  2. You should now be asked for a username and password - enter your college username WITH THE JESUSIT PREFIX e.g. JESUSIT\username followed by your password and click "OK". If, instead of the login box, your computer hangs around for a few minutes and then returns an error message, then your network settings are not correct and you need to check your computer is configured for the College network.
  3. Choose a printer to connect to. The IT room printer is called ITLAB_MX5070 ; the library printer is called LIBRARY_MX2630; Stevens Close (Conservatory) is called Stevens_Kyocera;
  4. Right click on your chosen printer and choose "Connect". You may be advised that drivers are needed and will be installed for you. Confirm this request if it appears.
  5. You will be asked if you want to select the new printer as your default printer. Select this option if you would like all future print jobs to be sent to this printer.

On Demand Printing Option

To use the on demand function select  \\prints2\OnDemand_Print when choosing a printer as above. Make sure you have registered your fob to use this function by swiping your fob over the reader on one of the printers and type in the username into the display/keypad.

Submit your print jobs to the ‘OnDemand_Print on prints’ (\\prints2\OnDemand_Print) print queue. The OnDemand Print queue will hold your print jobs for 5 days.

What to do on the printer

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