Personalized College Templates


Following the development of 'corporate' headed stationery in Microsoft Word for non-academic staff at Jesus College, we have made a new version especially for use by fellows and lecturers.

The stationery currently includes:

 - Letter
 - Fax cover page
 - Memo
 - Circular
 - Compliment slips
 - Blank

How to setup your stationery

1. Click on The file will be save to your Downloads folder. To unzip the file, right-click and select Extract Here.

2. Open Downloads folder and open the MS Word document 'setup.doc'. You will be asked to Enable Macros at the top of the page

3. You will be prompted for various details to appear on your stationery - once you have entered these, click OK to generate your stationery.

4. You will be notified once your stationery is ready (typically 30 – 60 seconds).

A reminder of these instructions, and how to use / upgrade / modify your stationery are available in the file README.txt which you will also find in Downloads\stationery.

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