Network Connections for Personal Computers

All student rooms, including those in Ship Street and the college flats, are fitted with direct high-speed internet connections. These are provided free of charge to support your academic work at the college, and to enable you to communicate easily with friends and family.

High-Speed Internet Access

College rooms are fitted with 10/100Mbps ethernet - typically operating considerably faster than domestic broadband connections, and at no charge. All you need is a computer with an ethernet adapter and an ethernet lead.

Network Facilities

In addition to the obvious web and email access, you can use the college network to connect to the college intranet, to your secure file storage on the college file server, to college printers, to departmental resources, to the library services, and much, much more!

Get Connected

Connect your laptop/PC/Mac to an ethernet point. Try to access the internet e.g. Follow the on-screen instructions through Bradford Campus Manager.

Terms of Use:

Use of the college network is subject to the terms in the Acceptable Use Policy, and any breach of these regulations is likely to lead to disciplinary action being taken.

College Wireless Networking

There are a number of wireless hotspots in college, including the MCR, JCR, Habbakkuk Room, Periodicals Room, Library, Fellows Guest Room, Harper Room, Fellows Resource Room and the Fellows Library. 
In addition to this the entirety of the Ship Street Centre is also wifi accessible. 
You are welcome to use these: instructions for connecting up are linked from the College Wireless networking page.

Personal Wireless Networking

Please note that the use of personal wireless network devices are STRICTLY prohibited. 

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