College Email


All members of Jesus College with a valid university card are entitled to a college email account with an official college address. Tutors, researchers, and students all use email for communicating across the university, as well as with friends and family.

Your Jesus College email account is actually provided by Oxford University IT Services, but your first stop for support should be your own college IT team.

Address Format:

All email addresses have the format

Wrong Address?:

Email addresses are generated automatically from the information used in your university application and printed on your university card. If these details are incorrect then you should contact the Tutorial Office.

Reading Your Email:

The quickest way of accessing your email is using WebMail. WebMail also provides controls for configuring the way that your email is received, sent, and processed. Richer email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook Express are fully supported - IT Services maintain a full set of configuration instructions.

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