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FAQ: I left College but didn't attend a degree ceremony and now want to get my degree certificate - what do I need to do?


A: If you left College in summer 2012 or earlier, please look at ceremony availability shown at point 6 below, then contact with the date of the ceremony you are interested in. We will then put in a request to the University for you - please note this is not a confirmed slot until you hear back from us with confirmation.





Saturday 7th March 2015 (morning ceremony)


Current Booking Status: Closed.

Information for in-person candidates:

Update: 01/11/14: We will email you (via your external email addresses) further details about your Graduation including how to pay for your guests' meals. If you have not received this email by 5pm on Tuesday 2nd February 2015, please contact us (

Please note that we automatically hire a new gown and hood for you unless you state otherwise. Payment for the gown is cash or cheque on the day - prices are shown in the FAQ below.

The Frequently Asked Questions are shown in a PDF at the bottom of this page.

An outline timetable is available on request from


Dates of 2015 degree ceremonies for current finalists - these are listed on the email the University sends to you inviting you to book a ceremony. Emails are due to be sent early December 2014.

Dates of 2014 degree ceremonies for graduands from previous years: Please enquire via Please note there is likely to be a long wait for in-person ceremony spaces for graduands from earlier years.



The next opportunity to graduate in absentia (i.e. without attending a degree ceremony) will be in January 2015. Please contact for more information.


MA conferral - MA's are only for BA students, on or after 21 terms from your matriculation date - if you matriculated in Michaelmas Term 2007 or earlier you are now eligible. If you matriculated in Michaelmas Term 2008 you will be eligible from the start of Trinity Term 2015 (please do not apply until you become eligible). The charge for issuing an M.A. certificate (either at a ceremony, a College event, or in absentia) is £10 (payable to Jesus College, Oxford or payable online - details will be sent to you how to arrange payment). Please note that ceremony slots for MA degree ceremonies are very very limited at present (there is currently a waiting list)- please contact our Development Office if you are interested in attending a future MA degree event with your peers as an alternative.



For more information on degree ceremonies at Oxford, please see

4a. For 2014 Undergraduate Finalists

Current Booking Status

If you are a 2014 finalist who has not yet had your degree conferred, please contact for more information on how to apply for a ceremony or have your degree conferred in absentia. Please note that we are operating waiting lists for future ceremony slots.


4b. For 2015 Undergraduate Finalists

You will be emailed by the University in Michaelmas Term 2014 inviting you to book a ceremony date. Please note that if you decline the date(s) offered it is more difficult to get an alternative future ceremony date.

5a. For 2015 POSTGRADUATE Taught and Research Finalists (DPhil students must have leave to supplicate before booking) (including MJur)

Taught postgraduates should receive an email in Michaelmas Term 2014 inviting you to book a ceremony place via the University self-service degree ceremonies portal. DPhil students are automatically sent an email by the University inviting you to arrange a future ceremony once you have leave to supplicate.


5b. For 2015 POSTGRADUATE Taught Finalists:

You will be emailed by the University in Michaelmas Term 2014 inviting you to book a ceremony date. Please note that if you decline the dates offered it is unlikely that you will be able to get a future ceremony date.

6. HISTORIC GRADUANDS: Undergraduate and postgraduate taught or research students who have left College (i.e. if your final year was before summer 2014)

Current booking status: spaces 2015 ceremonies are not yet finalised

You may now apply to be added to waiting lists for future ceremonies.

Please contact the Fellows' Secretary for more information.



Terms and Conditions for in-person/absentia graduation bookings

  1. If you cancel your booking within 3 weeks of the ceremony, your degree will be conferred in absentia. You may be liable for the cost of any catering and gown hire you have ordered.

  2. The date, time, venue and number of guests for all future ceremony bookings may be subject to change due to emergency/essential maintenance of the Sheldonian and an alternative venue needing to be used.

  3. We will hold your reservation until the closing date for payment of your guests' drinks/meals (and MA fee if applicable) - this will be communicated to you in advance after you have made your reservation.
  4. Prior to your graduation we will screen each candidate for battels and other College and University monies owed (including fines)
  5. Your degree certificate will show your name as listed at the time you matriculated.
  6. The MA certificate does not show a class mark.
  7. Please note that if your surname has changed since leaving College, your MA will list your maiden name.
  8. For in absentia conferrals, your degree certificate will be posted out to you by recorded delivery after the ceremony.










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