College Wireless

Wireless Networking

Please note that no personal wireless devices are allowed on the college network. This is due to security and network implications that arose in the past from the use of "home broadband" type wireless devices. 

Any unauthorised access points found will be removed from the network and confiscated, the owner will have an internet block placed on them until they have had a disciplinary meeting.


Fellows Resources Room

Rhys Room

Harold Wilson Room

Memorial Room

Fellows’ Library

Harper Room



Fellows Guest Rooms

Lower library & gallery

Upper library & mezzanine

Habakkuk Room


Ship Street Centre


Connecting to the Wireless Network

Instructions for connecting to the wireless network are available for Windows 7 & XP and Mac OS X.

The official wireless network will appear as JESU-WLAN, Guests should use JC-GUEST, regardless of where you connect from. Your computer will automatically pick up the strongest signal available.


We have initially focussed on providing wireless networking in shared, frequently used areas of college.

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