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Jesus College provides a wide range of IT facilities in order to support the academic and administrative needs of its members and staff. It is important to all IT users that services are provided at appropriate levels of reliability, confidentiality and accessibility. These can all be jeopardised by frivolous, inconsiderate or illegal activities and therefore various rules and guidelines have been drawn up. Together they indicate where the boundary lies between acceptable and unacceptable use of IT facilities. In managing the various systems and policies governing IT facilities at Jesus College we shall act in the best interests of the college membership as a whole. All we ask in return is for all users to do the same – avoiding actions that could offend others, disrupt services / waste resources or infringe conditions applied by organisations on which we depend.

Any activity that involves Jesus College IT facilities, whether directly or indirectly, must be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this document: you should read and understand these rules before using IT facilities at Jesus College. Under no circumstances shall this policy limit the applicability or obscure the intentions of any other policy or legislation that already govern computer use at Jesus College.

Definition of Terms

1. Without limiting its generality, the term IT facilities shall be taken to include: free standing computers, networked computers, time-shared computers and terminals; services or software running on those systems; networking that connects a computer or terminal to any other computer or terminal; computer peripherals; media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB drives); components; operating manuals and other documentation;

External Conditions of Use

2. Some IT facilities are provided by Jesus College though contractual agreements with third party organisations. Users of IT facilities must abide by the terms and conditions of these agreements such as are in force at the time;

3. Of prime importance is the JANET Acceptable Use Policy as stated by UKERNA (the latest version is available online at You must read this before using computer facilities at Jesus College. If you have difficulty obtaining this document then please contact IT Support as described in section 18;

4. All users of College IT facilities are required to abide by all applicable laws and University IT policies as a strict condition of use.  This includes :

  • University Regulations Relating to the use of IT Facilities;
  • PREVENT duty guidelines for higher education institutions in England and Wales;
  • Computer Misuse Act (1990);
  • Data Protection Act (1998);
  • Oxford University disclaimer of liability;
  • CHEST Code of conduct;
  • Microsoft CAMPUS agreement;
  • Licenses for other installed software.

Authorisation to Use IT Facilities

5. Authorisation to use IT facilities may only be granted by the Fellow Computing Officer or IT Manager of Jesus College;

6. It is not permitted for authorised users to allow use of Jesus College IT facilities by any other person.

Acceptable Use

7. IT facilities are provided for bona fide academic purposes only. Bona fide purposes are those which are consequent upon the teaching, study, research, administration or related activity occasioned by the employment or course of study with the college. Individuals have no right to use IT facilities for any other purpose;

8. Under no circumstances may IT facilities be used for conducting business or other commercial activities;

9. Users of IT facilities are not permitted to use IT facilities for any of the following:

  • any unlawful activity;
  • extremist material which has the real potential to lead to serious terrorist crime on the part of the user;
  • the creation, transmission, storage, downloading or display of any offensive, obscene, indecent or menacing images, data or other material or any data capable of being resolved into such images or material;
  • the creation or transmission of material which is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety, or to harass another person;
  • the creation or transmission of defamatory material about any individual or organisation;
  • the sending of any email that does not correctly identify the sender of that email or attempts to disguise the identity of the computer from which it was sent;
  • the transmission, without proper authorisation of email to a large number of recipients, unless those recipients have indicated an interest in receiving such email, or the sending or forwarding of email which is intended to encourage the propagation of copies of itself;
  • the creation, access or transmission of material in such a way as to infringe a copyright, moral right, trade mark or other intellectual property right;
  • private profit, except to the extent authorised under the user’s conditions of employment or other agreement with the College; or commercial purposes without specific authorisation;
  • gaining or attempting to gain unauthorised access to any facility or service within or outside Jesus College, or making any attempt to disrupt or impair such a service;
  •  the deliberate or reckless undertaking of activities such as may result in the following:
  • the waste of staff effort or network resources, including time on any system accessible via the College’s network;
  • the corruption or disruption of data;
  • the violation of the privacy of other users;
  • the disruption of the work of other users;
  • the introduction or transmission of a virus into the network.

Users shall treat as confidential any information which may become available to them through the use of IT facilities and which is not clearly intended for unrestricted dissemination. Such information shall not be copied, modified, disseminated or used either in whole or in part without the permission of the person or body entitled to give it.

Connection of Equipment to the College Network

10. Persons wishing to connect equipment to the college network shall be in legal possession of the equipment to be connected;

11. All use of equipment connected to the college network shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Acceptable Use Policy;

12. The owner(s), administrator(s) and user(s) of any equipment connected to the college network shall be jointly and severally responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that the equipment does not unduly disrupt the network or breach this Acceptable Use Policy. In particular:

  • all available security updates shall be applied to the equipment;
  • a suitable anti-virus product shall be installed, operational and updated so as to maintain effectiveness, where applicable;
  • all network accessible services that are not critical to the functioning of the equipment as a network client shall be disabled or appropriately restricted;
  • the equipment shall not participate in any distributed file-sharing system, except where properly authorised;

13. Equipment connected to the college network may only use network identifiers which are allocated by Jesus College;

14. Equipment connected to the college network may not be used to provide access to IT facilities for persons who are not properly authorised to use IT facilities at Jesus College.

Monitoring and Control

15. Jesus College IT facilities are managed by appointed system administrators who are the Computing Fellow, IT Manager and Computing Officer;

16. The system administrators reserve the right to monitor the usage of IT facilities, including network traffic. Any records taken will be retained for an appropriate length of time and will be held securely;

17. The system administrators will investigate incidents that indicate a possible failure to observe the terms of this acceptable use policy. They will follow the procedure described in the Incident Investigation and Disciplinary Procedure, which may result in sanctions being placed on your usage of IT facilities.

Reporting of Problems

18. Problems and enquiries may be referred to IT staff by email to or by telephone on 01865 (2)87260;

19. Any problems with the provided IT facilities should be reported in a timely manner so that IT staff can make suitable arrangements.


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