Using the On Demand Printing

To retrieve the prints go to either the IT Room printer (basement of SC XV) or the Library printer (outside the Librarian’s office SC XVII). Log into either printer using your Salto fob and the display will show the following menu:

Pressing ‘Enable MFP’ accesses the photocopier/scanner functions as normal.

Please note that the printer will only display and print those print jobs submitted by the person logged in and not those of other users.
Select which jobs to print by pressing on them then press ‘Print’. Or press ‘Print all jobs’ to print all the print jobs you have submitted. Any prints not retrieved within 5 days will be deleted from the print queue automatically.

The IT_Lab-MX4100N printer has stapling and folding option not available on the Library_MX2600. Consequently, if you select stapling and/or folding and then print the job on the Library_MX2600 the stapling and folding will not take place, but your job will still be printed.

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