Mac OS X Wireless

Wireless Networking with OS X

Instructions for connecting a Mac OS X computer to the Jesus College wireless networks.

This document explains how to connect your Apple OS X computer to the College Wi-Fi.

1. Check that your Airport is active


Look for the airport icon in the status bar.

    If it is exactly as shown then skip ahead to step 6;
    If the icon is shown without the radiating lines then skip to step 2;
    If the icon is not present then skip to step 3;

2. Activate your Airport


Pull down the airport icon menu and turn airport on. Skip ahead to step 6;

3. Enable Airport


Open System Preferences (from the Apple menu or dock) and open the Network applet. Select the Network Port Configuration option and make sure that the airport item is ticked. Click Apply Now if you made any changes.

4. Configure Airport Base Settings


Select Airport from the drop down list, and configure the base settings to automatically select a network.

5. Configure Airport TCP/IP Settings


Select the TCP/IP page and configure it to use DHCP. Click Apply Now and close System Preferences. You should now see the airport icon as shown in step 1.

6. Connect to the Wireless Network


Pull down the airport icon menu and select your desired network. In the past the Wi-Fi were labeled with the location of each access; now all you need to select is JESU-WLAN.

7. Enter the Wireless Network Password


You will be asked to enter a password, which is welovewireless. For convenience you can tick the keychain option so that the password is remembered and applied automatically for this network in future.

Your computer will now attempt to connect, and the airport icon will turn from grey to black to indicate that it has been successful, or alert you if there was a problem.

8. Register your Wireless Connection

If this is the first time you have used the college wireless network then open your web browser (eg. Safari) and visit any page (eg. You will be taken to the network registration page. Follow the instructions given.

After restarting your computer you will be fully connected to the network: enjoy!

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